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Complete Dragon Ball GT Filler List Guide – Skip Episodes Like a Pro

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Greetings, fellow Dragon Ball enthusiasts! Assuming you’ve seen Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z with our comprehensive guides, you’re now at the threshold of the next chapter in the Dragon Ball universe – Dragon Ball GT. And oh boy, it’s a doozy.

Running from 1996 to 1997, the Dragon Ball GT anime spans 65 episodes with a whopping filler percentage of 100%.

While continuing Goku’s adventures, Dragon Ball GT is a separate anime-only series that takes us into a new realm of experiences and challenges for the titular characters. In short, the entire series is filler, technically non-canon.

So, prepare to board the Grand Tour (yes, that’s what GT stands for!) and join Goku, Pan, and Trunks on an intergalactic adventure!

1. Quick List & Streaming Links

Quick Filler List

Lightning-fast filler list guide for Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball GT

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2. Complete Episode List

#TitleTypeWatch?Air Date
1A Devastating Wish Filler 02/07/1996
2Pan Blasts Off Filler 02/14/1996
3Terror on Imecka Filler 02/21/1996
4The Most Wanted List Filler 02/28/1996
5Goku vs. Ledgic Filler 03/06/1996
6Like Pulling Teeth Filler 03/13/1996
7Trunks, the Bride Filler 03/20/1996
8Whisker Power Filler 04/17/1996
9Lord Luud Filler 04/24/1996
10Dance and Attack Filler 05/01/1996
11Lord Luud’s Curse Filler 05/08/1996
12The Last Oracle of Luud Filler 05/15/1996
13The Man Behind the Curtain Filler 05/22/1996
14The Battle Within Filler 06/05/1996
15Beginning of the End Filler 06/12/1996
16Giru’s Checkered Past Filler 06/19/1996
17Pan’s Gambit Filler 06/26/1996
18Unexpected Power Filler 07/10/1996
19A General Uprising Filler 07/17/1996
20The Source of Rilldo’s Power Filler 07/24/1996
21A Secret Revealed Filler 08/14/1996
22The Baby Secret Filler 08/21/1996
23Hidden Danger Filler 08/26/1996
24Discovering the Truth Filler 09/04/1996
25Baby’s Arrival Filler 10/16/1996
26Saiyan Hunting Filler 10/30/1996
27The Attack on Vegeta Filler 11/06/1996
28A Worldwide Problem Filler 11/13/1996
29The Fall of The Saiyans Filler 11/27/1996
30The Game After Life Filler 12/04/1996
31Collapse From Within Filler 12/11/1996
32The Return of Uub Filler 01/08/1997
33The Tail’s Tale Filler 01/15/1997
34Back in the Game Filler 01/22/1997
35Goku’s Ascension Filler 01/29/1997
36The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks! Filler 02/05/1997
37Old Kai’s Last Stand Filler 02/12/1997
38Family Bonds Filler 02/19/1997
39Baby Put to Rest Filler 02/26/1997
40Piccolo’s Decision Filler 03/05/1997
41Curtain Call Filler 03/12/1997
42A Dangerous Union Filler 04/16/1997
43The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza Filler 04/23/1997
4417 Times 2 Filler 04/30/1997
45Piccolo’s Best Bet Filler 05/14/1997
46Raising the Stakes Filler 05/28/1997
47The Greatest Surprise Filler 06/04/1997
48The Shadow Dragons Filler 06/11/1997
49The Two-Star Dragon Filler 06/18/1997
50The Five-Star Dragon Filler 06/25/1997
51The Six-Star Dragon Filler 07/09/1997
52The Seven-Star Dragon Filler 07/09/1997
53Saying Goodbye Filler 07/16/1997
54The Four-Star Dragon Filler 07/20/1997
55The Heart of the Prince Filler 07/30/1997
56The Three-Star Dragon Filler 08/06/1997
57The One-Star Dragon Filler 08/13/1997
58Shadow Dragons Unite Filler 09/24/1997
59Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta Filler 10/01/1997
60Super Saiyan 4 Fusion Filler 10/08/1997
61The Limits of Power Filler 10/15/1997
62Rescue Goku Filler 10/22/1997
63Universal Allies Filler 11/12/1997
64Until We Meet Again? Filler 11/19/1997
65A Hero’s Legacy Filler 11/26/1997

3. Should I skip Dragon Ball GT and go to Super?

Technically speaking, you can skip Dragon Ball GT and watch Dragon Ball Super directly after DBZ. That’s because GT isn’t directly based on Akira Toriyama’s manga and often divides the fan base with its different style and storytelling.

However, it’s filled with intriguing ideas and concepts, such as Goku’s transformation into a child, the introduction of Super Saiyan 4, and the concept of evil dragons born from the misuse of Dragon Balls. So it’s certainly an interesting take on the pre-established lore.

In comparison, Dragon Ball Super follows the continuity of Dragon Ball Z and has the direct involvement of Akira Toriyama. It delves deeper into the lore of gods, introduces new transformations like Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue, and brings us universal-scale battles.

If you prefer to stick to the original canon and Toriyama’s direct involvement, you might want to move on to Super. But if you’re a Dragon Ball completionist, GT offers an interesting, albeit different, experience.

4. Why did Dragon Ball GT flop?

Unfortunately, GT flopped because its performance didn’t match the heights reached by its predecessors, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. This divergence has often been attributed to several key factors that left many fans unsatisfied.

Firstly, the absence of Akira Toriyama’s direct involvement in Dragon Ball GT’s storyline played a significant role in its lackluster reception.

Secondly, GT boldly decided to transform Goku into a child. While this was likely intended to recapture the charm of the original Dragon Ball series, many fans found it regressive, especially after seeing Goku’s growth and maturation throughout Dragon Ball Z.

Furthermore, Dragon Ball GT introduced new concepts and characters that resonated less strongly with the fanbase. Despite its unique design, the Super Saiyan 4 transformation didn’t receive the same fanfare as the iconic Super Saiyan transformations from Dragon Ball Z.

Lastly, GT suffered from pacing issues and a narrative that some fans found less engaging. Despite some strong arcs like the Baby Saga, there was a lack of the high-stakes drama and escalating power levels that Dragon Ball Z mastered.

5. Conclusion

Dragon Ball GT is entirely a non-canon installment in the Dragon Ball series. There are only two possible options – watch the entire thing or skip it altogether.

Either way, it won’t affect the main canon plot, so you’re free to choose.

6. About Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT does not adapt the original manga. Rather, it is an anime exclusive series that is a sequel to Dragon Ball Z. It premiered from 1996 to 1997.

The original anime follows Goku as he is turned into a child and accompanies Pan and Trunks on an adventure across the universe.

The series contains the Black Star Dragon Balls Saga, the Baby Saga, the Super Android 17 Saga, and the Shadow Dragons Saga.