Editorial Policy


At BingeRemedy.com, we aim to provide anime enthusiasts with a comprehensive platform that caters to their every need. We understand fans’ passion and dedication for anime, and we aim to create an immersive experience where they can indulge in their favorite shows and discover new ones.

Our goal is to be the ultimate remedy for all your anime cravings, offering a one-stop destination for watch orders, filler lists, episode tracking, engaging blogs, and more. We strive to enhance the anime-watching experience and foster a vibrant community celebrating anime’s art, storytelling, and cultural impact.

– Alex Mitchell, Website Owner & Editor-in-Chief

Content Standards & Policies

Our content policies are important in ensuring a positive experience for our users and advertising partners. This is a concerted effort by the editorial team to ensure all our contributors respect these guidelines. We may make very minute exceptions to these policies based on artistic, educational, historical, documentary, or scientific considerations or where there are other substantial benefits to the public.

Original Content & Transparency

We strive to make it easy for all our users to enjoy all our independent and original content. This is a significant source of fresh, original, and purposeful content.

Visitors to our site want to trust and understand who publishes it. Information about those who have written articles is always available to build our reputation and comfort our audience that the information they consume is of the highest ethical and editorial standards.

Ads, sponsored content advertising, and other paid promotional material on our pages do not exceed our content. Thereby ensuring our audience is not spammed with advertisements or Advertorials. We do not allow content that conceals or misrepresents sponsored content as independent, editorial content. Sponsorship, including, but not limited to, ownership or affiliate interest, payment, or material support, is very clearly disclosed to readers. The subject of sponsored content only focuses on the sponsor with clear disclosure.

Personal and Confidential Information

We do not allow sharing of a person’s private, confidential, and personally identifiable information (e.g., medical records, financial information, email address, or age).

Copyrighted Content

We do not publish content that infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights and has a quick addressable mechanism in place to take action in the rare case any such query is brought to our notice. We take such instances very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy for such lapses.  

Sexually Explicit Content

We do not publish content that features explicit sexual imagery primarily intended to cause sexual arousal.

Graphic Violent Content

We do not publish content that incites or glorifies violence. We also do not allow extremely graphic or violent materials for the sake of disgusting others.

Hateful Content

We do not publish content that promotes violence or harassment against an individual or group based on ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Medical Topics

We do not publish content primarily aimed at providing medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment for commercial purposes, nor do we allow content from any site that contradicts or runs contrary to a scientific or medical consensus and evidence-based best practices.

Dangerous and Illegal Activities

We do not publish content that promotes or facilitates dangerous or illegal activities, including self-harm, such as self-mutilation, eating disorders, or drug abuse. We also do not allow content used to threaten or organize violence or support violent organizations.

Harassment and Cyberbullying

We do not publish content that sends messages intended to harass, bully, or physically or sexually threaten others.

Deceptive Practices

We do not publish any information or content to enable personal accounts that impersonate any person or organization or misrepresent or conceal their ownership or primary purpose. We do not publish any information or content that engages in inauthentic or coordinated behavior that misleads users. This includes but isn’t limited to, information or content that misrepresents or conceals their country of origin or directs content at users in another country under false premises. This also includes information or content for accounts working together in ways that conceal or misrepresent information about their relationships or editorial independence.

Spam and Malware

We refrain from publishing any information or content with excessive repetitive, duplicate, or unoriginal content, misspellings, grammatical errors, or gimmicky character use. We do not publish links to malware, viruses, or other harmful software. We also do not publish or share any sites engaging in link schemes intended to manipulate a site’s ranking in news results, generate unnatural traffic, or deceive our audience about its newsworthiness.

To ensure all of the above, we have an editorial team checking articles before publication. For any queries, you can contact the editorial team at [email protected].

Editorial Liability

The editors of Binge Remedy maintain editorial independence in day-to-day editorial decisions. The editors also maintain editorial independence for any views, comments, and opinions of others published on Binge Remedy.

Participation by relevant and interested government departments and agencies, regulatory and standards bodies, state-owned enterprises, institutes, industry associations, universities, consultants, readers, industry leaders, and experts in the form of technical articles and other editorial submissions shall be proactively encouraged.

Where a submission is controversial, Binge Remedy shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that relevant, diverse views are solicited and fairly presented and that the right of reply is provided. Publication of articles, views, comments, opinions, and analysis shall not depend on the editor’s particular point of view or worldview of the editor.

Discretion is vested in the editor to shorten an article for space and other reasons, normally done with the author if appropriate.

In addition, the discretion is vested in the editor in deciding whether or not to publish an article, editorial submission, or letter. Such a decision shall not be based on the editor’s particular point of view or worldview. However, a decision not to publish an editorial submission may be because the editor considers it inappropriate to the target audience, dishonest, deliberately, maliciously misleading, or having an improper hidden agenda.

Content Submissions:

We regularly receive submission requests from writers, bloggers, PR agencies, and other sources wishing to submit content for publication. While the editorial team is always happy to be notified about potentially interesting content, we do not pay for content to be created nor guarantee to publish any submitted content on the site.